Rossman Media: Who We Are

We are a hands-on social media agency led by award-winning marketer, Alex Rossman with the goal to improve sales and site traffic for businesses of all sizes and industries

We do not believe in the traditional agency model where clients are often overspending on services and receiving underwhelming results. It is fact that SALES are what keeps a business alive and thriving, so our goal is to find a tailored solution for you that will do just that: generate sales and improve your online visibility to attract new potential customers.

For over 5 years we have worked with some of the world’s largest brands managing multimillion dollar campaigns as well as small start-ups looking to get their feet wet in the competitive online marketplace. We are proud to say that 90% of our clients stay with us for the long run!  

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Principles Of Our Work

Personalized Customer Experience

We believe that personalization in marketing and advertising converts far better than traditional “general” marketing. We personalize our campaigns based on data we’ve collected which are specific to your customer’s buying behaviors and online activity.

Content, Content, Content!

Content is singlehandedly the most valuable component to any digital marketing campaign. 70% of online consumers are visual learners and need photo, video and/or graphical content to help educate, inspire and most importantly motivate them to take action. We make sure your content not only converts to leads and sales, but conveys the right messaging to your ideal customer.


There is nothing worse than producing content and delivering it to the wrong audience. Through the use of Big Data, Pixel Tracking and more we are able to identify your audiences buying behaviors and online activity all while executing on a deliverable that will attract them to your business.

Big Data & Analytics

We are industry leaders in big data and analytics. We use in-house software and applications to conduct market research for your business and identify your target audience seamlessly. From age, ethnicity, zip codes, buying behaviors, search history, and more we incorporate useful data and analytics to your businesses digital campaign.

Communication & Transparency

We believe our clients should be educated on what’s going on throughout the entire digital marketing campaign. With that said, we encourage our clients to contact us at any given time with questions, concerns or simply to be updated on the progress of their campaign. In addition we provide monthly reporting that highlight KPI’s that matter most to your business.

Mobile Optimization

96% of American’s shop or access information online, 62% of those do so through their smart phones. With that said, we understand the importance of optimizing your online presence for mobile. From social media to your website we ensure your customer’s online experience with your business is positive and engaging.

Clients & Testimonials

Andrea Harrison

Head of Global Digital & Social Platforms | Bose Corporation

“Alex and his team have played a very important role in the success of Bose. We were hoping to keep Rossman Media our own “best kept secret” but I’m sure that the cat is out of the bag by now. I highly recommend Rossman Media for businesses looking to significantly scale and grow their sales online”

Chad Rudolph

Franchise Owner | OrangeTheory Fitness

“For many months we had some trouble bringing in new members at several of our locations, but with the help of Rossman Media Group we grew our new member sales over 1,000 % in just 6 months! I was very impressed with Alex and his team’s persistence and willingness to get the job done.”

Audrey Choi

Chief Marketing Officer | Morgan Stanley

“We are so glad Alex came knocking on our door nearly 2 years ago. We were in talks on expanding our online sales division and Rossman Media Group really helped to deliver the objectives we had set out. This included an extensive lead generation campaign and Google Ads. We are still working with Alex today and are so happy with the results he delivers!”

Joe O'Donnell

Chief Operating Officer | Urban Plates

“Several years ago when we first opened Urban Plates in San Diego, I had no idea that we would one day have multiple locations. Thanks to Alex and his dedicated team at Rossman Media Group we have now expanded to 15 locations across southern California. Pretty exciting stuff!”

Win Jeanfreau

Chief Executive Officer | Aperion Audio

“We went through agency after agency, spending a massive amount of money and seeing little to no return. It wasn’t until we hired Rossman Media Group where we truly saw the ROI we were hoping for. After hiring Alex and his team, our sales numbers soared to 500% ROAS which was a number we never imagined we’d see.”

Gayle Fidanze

Business Owner | Christian Family Adoptions

“I’m so impressed with the progress Rossman Media Group has made in such a short time, and the graciousness with which they approach their work. I know we’re going to make this a better place for children everywhere thanks to Alex’s help!”

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