About project

Period:   May 2016 – Present

Client: Bose

Subject:  Improve online visibility and sales

We were approached by one of the leading audio speaker brands in the world, Bose, to help improve their online visibility and sales via product videos and paid social. The results will blow your mind…

Our Task Was

We understood early on that Bose already had an established brand, although with growing competition like Apple, BeatsByDre, and more the need for strong social media content was imperative to their future growth. With that said, we put together a plan of action that called for the production of short-form product video content and an aggressive and highly targeted Facebook retargeting campaign.


When we first met with Bose’s corporate marketing team, it was understood that they wanted to keep the campaign simple and easy to track. Through an hour of consultation, we were confident that retargeting to their site visitors with engaging video content would be the best way to convert quick sales. Here was our process:

  • Identified top-selling products
  • Created video concepts for top-selling products  
  • Produced and edited 10 total 15-30 second videos with our in-house 4K Red Camera
  • Created highly targeted segmentation for Facebook ad campaign
  • Utilized company’s tracking pixel for buying behavior and site traffic
  • Split tested the 10 videos for optimal performances
  • Executed an aggressive retargeting Facebook ad campaign with 4 high-performing videos    
  • We scaled the campaign up aggressively each day for 9 months contributing to massive sales and ROI


Our results proved (once again) that video content can really be a valuable part of an e-commerce brand like Bose. We kept the campaign simple, yet trackable and the proof was in the sales!

  • Over 1,200% ROI
  • Over $2M in total revenue during campaign
  • 47,000 new email subscribers
  • Quality video content for company catalog


Considering the results we produced surpassed our initial expectation; Bose renewed their agreement with Rossman Media Group and has since run new Facebook ad campaigns contributing significantly to the company’s continued success online.