About project

Period: May 2017 –  Present

Client: Orangetheory Fitness

Subject: Facebook Advertising Lead Campaign [U.S. Franchises]

OrangeTheory Fitness corporate approached us to facilitate a lead generation strategy to produce more memberships at select franchises across the country. Through the use of Facebook Advertising, new memberships skyrocketed!

Our Task Was

Early in their startup phase, OrangeTheory was struggling to find ways to generate more qualified leads for each of their locations nationwide.

After learning a bit more about OrangeTheory’s lead generation processes, we found several loopholes in their marketing strategy and knew we could help..big time. We then provided a longterm growth plan that included prioritizing Facebook and Instagram ads as a main lead generation source. Our strategy has paid off exponentially since starting and we now control 30% of their global franchises digital marketing efforts.

Here’s how…


Given how quickly the company was growing, we knew we could capitalize off of the national buzz. After some market research and competitor analysis, we plunged full speed ahead with a cold and warm traffic ad campaign across Facebook and Instagram. Here was the steps we took to get there…

  • Created and installed a Facebook tracking pixel that was placed on the OrangeTheory corporate site as well as franchisee landing pages/micro-sites for retargeting efforts
  • Used our competitor analysis to create look-a-like audiences for cold traffic ad campaigns
  • Uploaded over 100,000 emails collected by OrangeTheory corporate to Facebook Ads Manager for retargeting efforts
  • Shot and produced several videos for ad creative – this included an inside look at the gym, staff, etc. on a local level – to create a sense of familiarity geographically
  • Built out landing pages for each local franchise and drove traffic via Facebook & Instagram
  • Split-tested all ad campaigns
  • Scaled spending up after achieving a $5 / qualified lead acquisition goal


After only 3 months of running Facebook & Instagram ads for 10 locations, we generated thousands of leads converting at a significantly high rate. Here were our results:

  • $4.98 cost per lead
  • 72% close ratio in total
  • Generated 527 new members in total
  • Over 5 million impressions in total


Considering the early growth in our campaigns, OrangeTheory continued to expand and gave us more franchises to manage. Since beginning with this highly popular fitness studio, we have built a blueprint for success as it relates to lead generation via Facebook & Instagram ads. If you’re the owner of a fitness studio looking to grow your memberships, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We know what we’re doing!