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How long (on average) does Rossman Media retain clients?

95% of our clientele are long-term retainer clients with an average retention of 18 months.

What does Rossman Media do really well?

Social Media, of course! 😉 Most of our clients see the largest ROI with Facebook & Instagram advertising.

How does Rossman Media define client success?

We define client success by one key indicator: ROI. Our clients typically see (on average) 300% ROI when working with us.

How does Rossman Media report and measure performance?

We send highly detailed monthly reporting to our clients, from ROAS to demographical data. Our in-house reporting software is highly intelligent and can pull just about any analytical report you’d like to see.

What are the terms of Rossman Media's service agreements? Is there a set monthly commitment/cancellation clause?

We have flexible terms. We believe in results over contracts and we want all of our clients to be 100% happy with the results we provide. Typically our minimum agreement is 3-months, which gives us and our client a reasonable amount of time to track results. All agreements can be terminated with a 30-day notice.

How many clients did you lose last year and what were the reasons?

We are proud to say that we lost ZERO clients last year!

What would our team structure look like?

Our president and award-winning digital marketer, Alex Rossman, will be your point of contact. He takes pride in the relationships he builds with his clientele and is available via his cell phone at any time; even weekends!

What certifications do your team members hold?

Google AdWords Certified, Facebook Certified Buying Professional, HubSpot Certified, SEO Certified, and more…Please contact us for a full list.  

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