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An award-winning boutique social media agency that specializes in tailored social media services for businesses of all sizes.

Hi, I’m Alex Rossman, founder of Rossman Media; a boutique social media agency with offices in Los Angeles and Portland. I started Rossman Media with the mission to cut marketing costs and improve results for my clients. I firmly believe that a business should not have to pour thousands of dollars into social media marketing services to get mediocre results. I can spend hours talking to a business owner about their marketing objectives but in the end it always comes down to either three things; sales, lead generation or brand awareness. With that in mind, I developed a business model that is tailored specifically to the client and guarantees results. With clients in e-commerce, technology, real estate, entertainment, medical, sports & fitness, finance and more we have the experience to successfully execute social media campaigns of any size and industry.

CEO & Founder of Rossman Media, Alex Rossman

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5 Principles of Our Work

Unfortunately too many social media agencies out there overcharge for their services and deliver underwhelming results. This is due to acquiring too many clients at one time and not being able to provide the one-on-one attention that growing businesses need (and deserve). At Rossman Media we take the time to fully understand your business model and objectives before engaging in a partnership to be CERTAIN that your business will truly benefit from our social media services. With that said, we focus on an exclusive clientele and measure our results through ROI and the KPI’s that matter most to our clients. We believe in transparency, communication and most importantly…results above all else. 

Industry Experience

We have experience managing multimillion dollar digital campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands

Brilliant Team

We have a small, dedicated team of digital experts led by award-winning marketer Alex Rossman  

Creative & Professional

We give you the creative and professional upper hand on your competition   

Complex Solutions

Our powerful in-house software and applications help to take your digital campaigns to the next level

100% Result Guarantee

We only take on clients that we know will benefit from our services. On average our clients see a 300% ROI…

Our Process

  • 1. Free Consultation

    We first want to learn more about your business including your existing upcoming sales/marketing goals, and more to ensure we are the right fit for your company moving forward.

  • 2. Digital Proposal

    Upon learning more about your company, we will put together a complimentary, tailored roll-out plan which includes our recommendations of services that will generate the largest ROI for your company.

  • 3. Onboarding

    If we are the right fit for your business, we will begin the onboarding process! This entails collecting all assets including branding, media and necessary login credentials to begin your campaign.

  • 4. Digital Campaign Roll-Out

    Once we’ve collected all necessary assets, we will begin the roll-out of your digital campaign. Through this process, you will have visibility on all activity within our user-friendly project management software, Basecamp.

  • 5. Communication

    Depending on your preference, we can schedule weekly or monthly calls or even on-site meetings with award-winning digital marketer, Alex Rossman to provide updates on the progress of your campaign as well answer any questions may have.

  • 6. Reporting & Results

    We track and analyze your campaign’s results daily and provide you with monthly reporting so you have full transparency to the KPI’s that matter most to your business.  

We want to see your business grow in ways you didn't think possible!

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